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The Southern Tree Breeding Association Inc is transferring its activities to a new national entity Tree Breeding Australia Limited ABN 87 043 835 298. After 36 years as a state based association incorporated in South Australia, the change will better reflect the national footprint of the Members and other stakeholders. A new website and branding will be established.

Staff can be emailed at for example All other contact points remain the same and it will be business as usual for stakeholders under the new structure.


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TREEPLAN(r) logoThe STBA has developed TREEPLAN®, a leading edge analytical system for genetic evaluation. The system is routinely used for the Australian cooperative tree improvement programs. The TREEPLAN® genetic evaluation system provides an integrated solution to managing data and regularly producing breeding values for improved profit.

PlantPlan logoPlantPlan Genetics Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the STBA, provides genetic evaluation and advisory services in tree and plant improvement.  PlantPlan Genetics advises on species suitability, strategy development, economic breeding objectives, database development, trial design, statistical analysis of trial data, genetic evaluation, selection, mate allocation tactics and deployment strategy. (PlantPlan Genetics Brochure).

PlantPlan Genetics is also involved in developing innovative software tools to assist breeders in operational tree improvement activities.  The TREEPLAN® system is a part of its innovative package.  PlantPlan Genetics works with clients to provide successful commercial outcomes, by providing access to leading edge tools and specialist expertise in genetics.


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